When in Berlin…

Berlin Fashion Highlights

K. Sark


Fashion Walk: Mitte

Get out at S-Hackescher Markt and walk north along the boutiques on Rosenthaler Strasse, past Hackesche Höfe and Rosen Höfe (clusters of shops in court yards), past Carhartt and All Saints stores next to U-Weinmeisterstrasse, stop by at Waahnsinn Berlin, it has vintage souvenirs from the GDR and funky retro clothing and design articles.

Turn right (east) onto Mulackstrasse, which has fashionable boutiques along both sides of the street: C’est tout Berlin, Starstyling, Lala Berlin, Firma, etc. These boutiques are a bit pricey, but they are fun to look through.

Turn right again onto Alte Schönhauser Strasse, stop by for a snack at Monsieur Vuong (best Vietnamese Restaurant in Berlin), walk south along Eastberlin, Claudia Skoda boutique, Black Roses Berlin shoe and book store. That’s right, flip through some books, while you try on a pair of boots!

Turn left (east) onto Münzstrasse, and walk until Memhardstrasse. Don’t miss Apartment Berlin – the hidden store behind an empty gallery facade, popularized by Ralph Martin in his A New Yorker in Berlin novel.

Return onto Neue Schönhauser Strasse (walking back along Münzenstrasse), past Made in Berlin vintage store, the Goethe Institut,  and back to Hackescher Markt.

K. Sark


Fashion walk: Prenzlauer Berg

Get out at U+S-Schönhauser Allee, and go into the Arkaden shopping mall. On the second floor go into CUBE store for exquisite clothes and accessories made by young Berlin designers. CUBE carries select Berlin brands (Hypnosis-berlin, Cultivate, Aspique, LIAN, Widda, Velibor, Natascha Loch, B.Weiss). The store holds regular fashion shows and events, check website for details and dates.  Say hello to Natascha if she’s working, and buy her amazing clothes!

Her knitwear designs are catered to “customers with a taste for the exquisite”; dresses, cardigans, asymmetrical tops made of cashmere and silk wool from the current collection are created to “women who are brave and curious, and who want to discover something new, comfortable, and uncomplicated in fashion.” One cannot escape the similarity of Loch’s design to the long-established Berlin knitting avant-gardist, Claudia Skoda.

Walk south along Schönhauser Allee towards Eberswalder Str. Turn onto Kastanienallee. There are a number of nice boutiques and cafes along Kastanienallee. Stop by at Kaufhalle Berlin for funky fashion and souvenirs. For more exquisite fashion, reasonably priced and interesting, step across the street into Skunkfunk. Looking for a hat? Try next door at Heimat Berlin. On the other side of the street, you’ll find a very curious little design store, Luxus International. Established in 2002, the idea for this concept store originated from various events in Berlin’s so-called off-scene. Creative designers can rent a display area for 7,5 euro and sell their products. Since its opening, the store has been working with 950 designers, providing customers with innovative trends and articles that make life just a little better.

If you walk back to Schönhauser Allee and continue going south towards U-Senefelderplatz, you will pass Blumenfisch, a great design store. Since May 2004, the design studio employs people with various disabilities, who find it difficult to find work in other design jobs, with the aim to assist the integration of disabled people in society.  High standards of professionalism and quality are important here. The design articles and souvenirs produced are sophisticated, original and clever.

Continue along Schönhauser Allee south to Torstrasse, turn onto Torstrasse and walk west to U-Rosenthaler Platz. Turn right (north) onto Brunnenstr. At number 191, you will find a great fashion and design collaborative boutique, S.Wert. Here fashion meets graphic design: a project by fashion designer Claudine Brignot (Urban Speed) and graphic designer Sandra Siewert (s.wert design). The result is of course, highly creative and original designs, which are marketed to tourists and locals alike, and which have a particular Berlin-feel and cannot be obtained in mass-produced global chain stores.

K. Sark


Other Boutiques:

Berlinomat (concept store) – Frankfurter Allee 89 (U-Frankfurter Allee) – Berlin designed fashion, accessories, souvenirs, as well as books on fashion, magazines, and an organic café.

Who killed bambi? (fashion) – Ebeswalder Str. 26, Rosenthaler Str.15, Sonntagstr.

Pale Blue Eyes (fashion) – Kastanienallee 50/51

IC Berlin (fashion) – Max-Beer-Strasse 17

Hummel Berlin (fashion) – Alte Schönhauser Str. 33/34

Born in Berlin (fashion) – Pappelallee 9

Cyroline (fashion) – Odeberger Str. 43

Sonntag Berlin (fashion) – Schönhauser Allee 50a

Jugendmode – Fuck Fashion (fashion) – Schönhauser Alle 72b

Berlin Loves You (fashion) – Rosenthalerstrasse 15, Kastanienallee 101

Desigual Store Berlin (fashion) – Tautizienstr. 14

Strawberry (fashion) – Emser Str. 45

Sium Berlin (fashion) Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 28

K. Sark


I’m always on the look-out for new and interesting design and fashion boutiques. Please leave me comments, send me links or recommendations if you come across a new store in Berlin!




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5 Responses to When in Berlin…

  1. Vanessa says:

    Thanks for this! I know some of these places as you might expect but there are others which are new and most of all, it’d be lovely to do these walks to see the city through your eyes.

  2. Kat says:

    Hey, I’m so glad this is actually useful! My info may be slightly out of date, I’m just waiting to have some confirmations from friends, since I haven’t been in Berlin for a year now. But I will be there in the spring and would love to catch up with you and see what YOUR Berlin is like!

  3. madeleine says:

    This is so awesome I love berlin. I dont think i visited many of the parts that you posted about though so it was really cool too read about them. I know where to go for next time!

  4. kircher says:

    when were you in berlin?

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