Victoria Highlights


Habit Coffee – Great, independent and fair trade coffee (552 Pandora Ave. and a new location at the Atrium, new BC Ferries Building, 808 Yates St., both Downtown) – I came across this coffee shop when I was working on a web design project at UVic years ago and have been going back every time I’m in Victoria, and taking friends and visitors there. Shane, the owner, works at both locations now, so if you see him, please say hi from me! Open till 6pm daily. No Wi-Fi. $3-7.

Moka House (photo: K.Sark)Moka House – Coffee shop (345 Cook St., Cook Street Village) – Official coffee stop on the way to Dallas Road ocean walk. They have cozy arm chairs and a sunny sidewalk patio. This used to be one of the few alternatives to Starbucks in Victoria for many years, then many other great independent and fair trade coffee shops opened, but Moka House is still there. Try their hot apple cider if you’re there in the winter. $5-10.

Relish Food and Coffee – great new café! (920 Pandora Ave. Downtown) – Great food, coffee, and service! Gourmet sandwiches and lunch menu prepared by the owner himself daily. Mon-Fri, 7am-4pm. Free Wi-Fi. Thanks, Aletta for introducing me to this place! $5-15.

Township Coffee – great coffee and amazing teas and treats (4343 Tyndall Ave., Gordon Head). This brand new café is close to UVic. They brew Fantastico coffee, and have artisan teas steeped to perfect temperature and taste. Try their special green tea and scones, and say hi to Erik, the owner from me! $5-10.

Union Pacific Coffee Co. – Fair trade organic coffee (537 Herald St., Downtown) This great coffee shop was a new discovery for me. Spacious and original, cozy and friendly. Open daily, patio in the back, in the Dragon Alley. They have a games table and great vintage stuff on their shelves. Cozy and spacious. $5-10.

Tea and Chocolate Time: 

Venus Sophia Tea Room – café and tea shop (540 Fisgard St., Chinatown) This was another great discovery. Great selection of teas and delicious food and pastries freshly made. Quaint atmosphere with cozy sitting areas, lots of arm chairs, rocking chairs and couches. Decorated with roses, bicycles, tea pots, and books. Try the Quiche or any of the sandwiches. Daily 11- 6pm. $5-12.

Silk Road TeaSilk Road Tea Shop and Spa – Victoria’s famous tea shop (1624 Government St, Chinatown). They offer tea tastings and wokshops, as well as spa services. Open daily until 6pm (till 5pm on Sundays). Their teas are now served at various cafés in Vancouver and Victoria, including Shine Café. $5-25.

Chocolat – Chocolatiere de Victoria (703 Fort St. corner Douglas) Open daily 9:30am-6pm, and 11:30am-4pm on Sundays. Best hot chocolate in town! Café and boutique. $5-25.

Venus Sophia Tea Room, Quiche (photo: K.Sark)


Jam (by K.Sark)Jam – Best breakfast and lunch EVER! (542 Herald St., Downtown) Open daily 8-3pm, no reservations, line-ups on the weekends. Across the street from Union Pacific Coffee, by the same owners, in the same decor style. Try their Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich, or the Red Velvet Pancakes, or the Pan-fried Oatmeal – they all will take your taste-buds to a new level! For a philosophical contemplation of jam, check out Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy essay and my blog post. $10-20.

Agrius – named best new brunch place in Canada! (732 Yates St., downtown) Open daily 11am-2pm, and on some evening 5-10pm. Great new brunch place in Victoria, with a lumberjack-chic aesthetic of rustic minimalism and hipsterism. But the food is actually great. They make their own jam and other goodies. Try their eggs benny. In the same building as Fol Epi French bakery that has great pain au chocolat and Fantastico coffee! $10-20.

Fuego – Old Town Eatery (134-, 560 Johnson St, Market Square) Mexican brunch and lunch. Owned by the owners of Cafe Mexico but specializing in brunch and lunch specials. Open daily 8am-3pm. Try their eggs benny and pancakes (with apples infused with orange zest) for a favour fest! $10-15

Molé – Best breakfast and lunch (554 Pandora Ave., Downtown) Right next to Habit Coffee and Bliss. They serve delicious breakfast, brunch, and lunch food. Famous for their pesto potatoes. Everything is delicious, so you will have to come back many times. Busy on the weekends. Open daily 8-3pm. $12-20.

Shine cafeShine Cafe – Breakfast cafe (1548 Fort St., Oak Bay Junction) This is Victoria’s busiest little cafe, even on weekdays you may have to wait for a table. But it’s worth the wait, the food is delicious. Large selection of breakfast and lunch food. They also serve Silk Road teas. Daily 9-3pm. $10-15.

Willy’s Bakery & Café – Breakfast and lunch cafe (537 Johnson St., Downtown) Delicious breakfast and brunch food. Try their brioche French Toast with Mascarpone cream cheese, and get their carrot cake to go! Great covered patio open in the summer, which makes the cafe more spacious and lively. Open till 4pm. $5-15.


Baan Thai – still the best Thai food on the island! (1117 Blanchard St., Downtown and 104-2000 Cadboro Bay in Oak Bay) – Open for lunch and dinner. Try their red chicken curry, either with lemon grass, or bamboo shoots. It’s the best I’ve ever had. Anywhere in Canada! Thank you Rachel for introducing it to me years ago, I’ve been coming back ever since! Their Thai ice tea is also great! $10-20.

10 Acres Kitchen (formerly Pescatores) – best seafood farm to table restaurant (614 Humboldt St., across from the Empress Hotel) – for more casual dining try their “Commons” pub (formerly The Oyster Bar) – same kitchen but different menus. Try their garlic-butter prawns! $20-50.

Shizen SushiShizen Sushi – Best sushi and Bento Boxes in Victoria (1706 Government St., Chinatown), open daily for lunch 11:30am-3pm and for dinner 5-9:30pm. They have some unusual sushi creations like the teriyaki beef sushi and the sushi pizza, as well as the classics. Try my favourite yam tempura roll. $10-20.

Japanese Village – Still the best Japanese grill (734 Broughton St., Downtown) – they are famous for their entertaining chefs who cook your meal right in front of you. The Teriyaki Salmon is great. Open for lunch and dinner. The lunch menu is just as great but half the price! Try their steak sauce! It’s addictive! They also have a sushi bar. Great for larger groups and special occasions. $12-30.

Veneto Tapa Lounge – Bar and restaurant (Realto Hotel, 653 Pandora Ave., Downtown) – the bar now boasts of the best bartenders in Victoria, and the tapas are truly delicious! Try the lamb trey. Or the NY steak sliders. Great for dinners, dates, or cocktails with friends. $15-25.

Ca Va BistroÇa Va Bistro – French Restaurant (1296 Gladstone Ave. Fernwood) – Good for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Right across from the Fernwood Inn, small and cozy. Try their chocolate soufflé with sour cherry ice-cream for dessert, and say hello to my friend Franz who is one of the chefs there! $15-30.

Wine and Dine:

Stage Wine BarStage Wine Bar – Great wine bar in Fernwood Village (1307 Gladstone Ave., Fernwood) – open daily 5-10pm. Great atmosphere, good for small and large groups, across the street from the Belfry Theatre and the Fernwood Inn. Stop by for a drink here before or after a play at the Belfry or dinner at Ça Va. $15-50.

Vista 18Vista 18 – On the top floor of the Chateau Victoria Hotel (740 Burdett Ave., Downdown) – great view! Open daily 6:30am-midnight. Great for small groups or banquets. Live music on Friday nights. Try their Liberty School California Cabernet Sauvignon red wine. Or stop by for a cocktail at Clive’s on the main floor, ranked in the top four cocktail bars in Canada. $15-45. 

Jam Cafe (photo by K.Sark)


Bard & Banker – Scottish Pub (1022 Government St., Downtown) – great live music gigs. Great spacious atmosphere and good beers. Multiple sitting areas and levels (they recently expanded). I have not tried their food yet, but I will next time! $10-25.

Canoe Brewpub – Brewery and restaurant (459 Swift St., Downtown) – Great food and drinks. And they have a large outdoor patio overlooking the water front. I celebrated my 20th birthday in their upstairs dining mezzanine and have been back regularly ever since. Great casual atmosphere on the bar side, with a pool table. Restaurant on multiple levels on the other side. Good deserts! $10-30.

Christie’s Carriage Pub – Cozy old heritage pub (1739 Fort St. Oak Bay) – Multiple sitting areas and nooks, as well as a large (covered) patio. Great selection of beers. They even carried Blanche de Chambly for a while, the Quebec beer that turned me into a beer-drinker! This was my neighbourhood pub for years and I still like going there once in a while, although my dear friend Devon does not work there anymore. But Mia does, so say hi from me if you see her! $5-12.

Fernwood Inn – Pub and restaurant (1302 Gladstone Ave., Fernwood) – This used to be a seedy pub called George and Dragon, and it used to be my high school hang out place. Every lunch break, when we had a spare or were simply skipping class, about 6 or 7 of my friends and I would sit by the bay window, order a round of coffees and one basket of fries to share. Now the new, renovated and re-styled pub has the best new menu I’ve tried in a long time. Try the halibut avocado burger! And the Philips Chocolate Porter beer! $15-25.

Spinnakers – Brewery and restaurant (308 Catherine St., Esquimalt) One of the nicest pubs in Victoria with ocean and downtown view, just across the Blue Bridge. Restaurant and gift shop downstairs, pub upstairs. Patio open in the summer. Great food and deserts. Beer tastings of their locally brewed beers. Try their Blue Bridge bottles beer. $12-28.

Sticky Wicket – Pub, club house, bar, games room (919 Douglas St., Downtown) – Victoria classic pub with several pubs in one. Rooftop patio and volleyball courts in the summer. Many local beers on tap, as well as imports. $8-20.

Healthy Goodness: 

Nourish Kitchen and Café – local farm to table restaurant (225 Quebec St.) Delicious food, great for brunch and dinner, Open daily 9am-9pm and until 3pm on Sundays and Mondays. $15-45.

Origin Gluten-free Bakery – Great bakery (1525 Pandora Ave., Oak Bay Junction) Delicious, new, healthy bakery right across from the Stadacona Park tennis courts. Close to Shine Café. They specialize in gluten free breads and pastries, as well as special cake orders. Tue-Sat. 7:30-5:30pm. $4-15.

Cafe BlissCafé Bliss – Raw Food and Juice Bar (556 Pandora Ave., Downtown) 100% organic, 100% vegetarian, 100% wheat and gluten free, 100% fresh and local ingredients.  Similar to Crudessence in Montréal, they also published their own cookbook, Blissful. Right next to Molé and Habit Coffee. Open daily from 11am to 7pm. $10-15.

Rebar CookbookRebar – Healthy gourmet food (50 Bastion Square, Downtown) –  Famous for their cookbook, and classics like the Yam Quesadilla, they serve brunch, lunch and dinner with great healthy, vegan, and gluten-free options. Try their Huevos Rancheros for brunch, or the chocolate chip cookies to go. Open daily 11am-9pm. $10-20.


Moss Street Market – Organic Farmers Market (1330 Fairfield Road) Outdoors in the summers Saturdays 10am-2pm until October 31, and indoors starting November, at the Garry Oak Room at 1335 Thurlow Street for the Winter Markets. The Winter Markets run every Saturday (except boxing day), November through April but with reduced hours of 10am to noon.

Canoe Club

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6 Responses to Victoria Highlights

  1. Very nice post! I’ll keep it preciously for my next travel in BC 🙂

  2. Vanessa says:

    I love seeing things through your eyes, even if places are still unfamiliar. Right now I’m dreaming of French toast, coffee and carrot cake to go! You have such an eye for the best places. I’m working on an email but it seemed a shame to respond to the lovely one you sent me when there wasn’t enough time to write an adequate reply so more soon…Have a great Sunday!

  3. great post! keep it on!

  4. Lauren Beard says:

    Thanks, Kat! This will be really helpful during Congress!

  5. Devon McLeay says:

    aw you made me miss Victoria….even more than I usually do!

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