Berlin Avantgarde – Art, Fashion & Interior Design

Berlin-Avantgarde, located in Nollendorferstr. 11/12 in Schöneberg, is an art gallery, lounge, fashion and design store, as well as a platform for contemporary artists and exhibition space for charity auctions and art shows. Established in September 2010, it was conceptualized to be avant-garde, creative, and open-minded, and to present contemporary ways of combining arts with pleasure (as the website states).


Berlin-Avantgarde specializes in unique items of fashion and home décor from all over world and showcases Berlin and international artists and designers.


Their fashion collection started with the designs by the graduates of ESMOD international fashion school in China. The Berlin designers include Jörg Pefferkorn, knit-fashion designer Martina Manfreda, jewellery designer Barbara Lonn, accessories by AndermattBerlin, and bags by Ursula Andermatt.


The featured artists include Musk Ming (whose works are also part of the permanent collection and part of the charity auction), Jutta Scheiner, who specializes in button-canvases, and many more.

Abel Bazan artiste du papier, specializes in shoes made out of paper:

The exquisite creations are life-size and at first glance can be taken for actual shoes. But at closer inspection, one can see the paper craftsmanship, the delicate linings and labels, the straps, the heels, all made out of paper.


All shoes are created in two different styles: stilettos and flats.

Berlin-Avantgarde has regular designers and artists whose work is showcased, but is always looking for new, unique creations.


On June 21, 2011 Berlin-Avantgarde is organizing and hosting a charity auction, “Smart-Art” featuring art works by 36 artists who donated their work for a good cause, in support of Mannometer gay help line and support center.


The next art opening at Berlin-Avantgarde features the works by Sander Salim and Petra Mosquera and is on Friday, June 24th, 2011 at 7pm.

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  1. Beautiful! I’m in love with the shoes! They are so adorable! Nice post as always! Can’t wait to see you in vienna 🙂

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