Street Art in Berlin – Kai Jakob

Street Art in Berlin (Version 4.0) is the fourth edition of the collection of Berlin street art photographs by the freelance photographer Kai Jakob. Capturing a temporal artistic medium, the book presents the work of Berlin street artists such as: XOOOOX (working with stencils in Berlin since 2001), El Bocho (the creator of “Little Lucy”), Just (since 1999), Emess, Dolk, Linda’s Ex, Alias, Tower, SP 38.


As the book tells us, “the difference between graffiti and street art can be explained as follows: The general public tends to criticize graffiti as vandalism, a defacement of the city’s appearance. Street art, however, offers less offense, although in principle there isn’t much difference in these two forms of expression.” (p.10)

“In urban semiotics, street art is an open and ever-changing system of communication. It cannot exist without the urban context and it remains transient. What is here today may be gone tomorrow. That is the prerequisite for its constant growth and renewal.” (p.11)



“The city becomes a gallery. The artists engage in eclectic visual forms of expression using drawing, coding, elements and symbols. … The location, the street and the facade become readable.” (p.11)


Kai Jakob captures a piece of Berlin art history with an insider-perspective. Published in English and German by Berlin’s Jaron Verlag, the book is a great homage to and a stroll through Germany’s coolest open-air-gallery, which has been designated by UNESCO as the City of Design in 2005 (sharing this title with Montreal and Buenos Aires).

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