Kaviar Gauche Berlin

Designers Johanna Kühl and Alexandra Fischer-Roehler studied together at Berlin’s ESMOD fashion school and established their label Kaviar Gauche Berlin in 2004. They opened their flagship store in Berlin, at Linienstr. 44, in May 2010.

Regulars at the Berlin Fashion Week, they made a splash in the fashion scene when they sent nearly nude models down the runway carrying their autumn/winter 2009-10 handbag collection. It was maverick move that was met with mixed reactions, not least because it is more cost-effective to show as much of the brand as possible when producing a show.


Gauche caviar is a French concept that connotes a liberal wealthy elite, so-called “champagne socialism” (in English) or “salon socialism” (in German). While quite popular and fitting in Paris, in Berlin this is marking of a new era for the “poor, but sexy” chic. The regular costumers are mostly women over 30 (with money), many of whom are tourists, or new Berliners who come from Köln, Düsseldorf, Switzerland, or Austria, as well as other Berlin designers, artists and celebrities who often purchase their dresses for the red carpet here.

How did you come up with the name “Kaviar Gauche”? Wie seid ihr auf den Namen “Kaviar Gauche” gekommen?

The concept “gauche caviar” comes from France and stands for left-liberal salon society. We found the contrasts very exciting and adopted it for our label. We interpret it as modern lux. Die “gauche caviar” ist ein bereits existierender Begriff in Frankreich und bezeichnet damit die “Salon-Linke”. Wir fanden die Gegensätze spannend und fanden, dass dieser Begriff zu unserer Marke werden sollte, wir sehen darin die Interpretation von “Moderner Luxus”.


Does the name have a different meaning or a different tone in Berlin in comparison to Paris? Hat der Name eine andere Bedeutung oder einen anderen Ton in Berlin (im Vergleich zu Paris)?

Yes, one can sense a certain young multi-nationalism, as well as the proximity to Moscow here. Ja, man spürt hier vor Ort eine gewisse junge Multi-Nationalität und die Nähe zu Moskau ist ebenso spürbar.

How would you describe the Berlin fashion scene? Wie würdet ihr die Berliner Modeszene beschreiben?

Cool glamour mixed with the certain “I couldn’t care less” attitude. Cooler Glamour mit der gewissen “Ist mir doch egal”-Attitüde. 

How would you describe your collaboration? How do you divide the work? Wie beschreibt ihr eure Zusammenarbeit? Wie teilt ihr euch die Arbeit?

We divide and share all the aspects of our work, the good and the bad tasks. Wir teilen uns grundlegend alles; die schönen und die weniger schönen Aufgaben.


What inspires your collections? Was inspiriert eure Kollektion?

Music, nature, dance, beautiful things, and a measure of unconventionality. Musik, Nature, Tanz, Schöne Dinge und immer eine Prise .

What is your concept? Was ist euer Konzept?

The thread of our collection are flowing dresses that show up in every collection. Der Faden unserer Kollektion sind die fliessenden Kleider die man in jeder Kollektion finden kann. 

What do you think of the Berlin Fashion Week? How would you describe your experience with it? Wie findet ihr die Berlin Fashion Week? Wie beschreibt ihr eure Erfahrung damit?

Fashion in Berlin is back in fashion again because of it, thank you MBFW! Dadurch ist die Mode in Berlin wieder gross in Mode gekommen, Danke MBFW!

Which designers inspire you? Welche Designer inspirieren euch?

Karl Lagerfeld.

How would you describe your relationship to Berlin? What is special about Berlin?  Wie beschreibt ihr eure Beziehung zu Berlin, was hällt ihr von dieser Stadt? Was ist an Berlin besonders?

The dynamic of the city. Die Dynamik der Stadt.

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