Fröhlich – Happy Fashion

Gabriele Rigby created her fashion label Fröhlich in 2009, and opened her store in Zieglergasse 68, in Vienna’s trendy 7th district in 2010. “Fröhlich” means “happy” in German, and stands for hand-made, original, individual, comfortable, and multi-functional clothes for women. The name also conveys positive, good feeling, and symbolizes “clothes made with love and dedication,” spreading good energy and thoughts.

Gabriele studied at the Höhere Bundeslehranstalt für Mode und Bekleidungstechnik Michelbeuerngasse (HLW9) fashion school, and specialized in professional tailoring and pattern design. She has always been sewing for friends from home, and eventually started presenting her collections at Modepalast and Blickfang fashion trade shows in Vienna.

Her clienteles first consisted solely of her friends, and gradually spread by word of mouth, recommendations, and solid reputation to other Viennese inhabitants of all ages. Her designs range from recycled creations, casual jersey styles, to formal and elegant dresses. She puts great emphasis on quality fabrics and original cutting techniques. Her clothes are made to fit different body types, and are hand-tailored and fitted to suit the individual customer. This personal touch in the old couture tradition is her trademark.


Gabriele is an engaged member of the local Viennese fashion community, in which many of the designers support each other, as well as young photographers, bloggers, models, and other professionals who are just starting out in the industry. She spreads the joyful feeling not only to her customers, but also to the greater community of the Viennese fashion world. Don’t miss the joy!


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