L’Affichiste – Vintage Poster Gallery

I recently discovered L’Affichiste gallery, a true Montréal treasure, a beautiful gallery space, run by a wonderful, inspiring, and very knowledgeable woman, who is a poster expert and writer. Karen Etingin specializes in original, non-reproduction vintage posters from 1880 to present, and her passion for her work makes you want to start collecting vintage posters and to study their history.


If you are looking for new decoration ideas for your walls, or would like to add to your collection of cool art, this is the place for you! You can browse their online collection, but I really recommend to stop by the gallery and see the beautiful space and the collections.

Karen started the gallery five years ago and has clients all over the world. The collections range from international vintage advertising posters, to classic film posters, to original Montréal Jazz Fest posters.

You can read up and follow some stories about particular posters on her blog.

This is one of my favourites: “German Colonial Possessions surrendered to the Allies since August 1914”

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