Montreal Fashion Week – Fall 2012

Marie Saint Pierre


Montreal Fashion Week kicked off with an exhibition and slide show commemorating Marie Saint Pierre’s 25 years of designs.  The designer was present in the audience, along with fellow designers such as Denis Gagnon and Tavan & Mitto.

Tavan & Mitto




Tavan & Mitto opened the new catwalk with their collection of flowing fabrics and emerald green and deep purple colours. Denis Gagnon was among the first row guests.

Melissa Nepton



Melissa Nepton used a lot of see-through materials and a softer colour palette in her new collection. Marie Saint Pierre came to show her support.

Anastasia Lomonova

This year, Anastasia Lomonova experimented with different fabrics, cuts, and accessories, covering many of her model’s faces with decorative tassels and chains.





Also published at CULT Montreal.

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4 Responses to Montreal Fashion Week – Fall 2012

  1. New Space,New Energy…MFW is has found it its international place among the big fashion its expression. of Uniqueness in design…Vision in creativity, and first and foremost a solid will to make its mark as a serious center of fashion on the world stage!

    Bravo SensationMode!

    Bravo L’Arsenal!

    Bravo a toute l’équipe de la Semaine de Mode de Montréal!

    Serge Jean Laviolette
    Directeur Artistique et styliste

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