Montréal Fashion Week – Fall 2012, Part 2

Denis Gagnon







The highlight of the day was Denis Gagnon’s new collection that featured geometric men’s fashion, elegantly feminine women’s fashion, and a play on gender dynamics and constrictions, with male models dressed in dresses and high heels, or jump-suits and theatrical make-up. At the end of the show Gagnon ran across the runway, wearing black capri pants, and a white T-Shirt with his own face print (for sale for $35 in the main hall of the Arsenal Gallery), and danced for the photographers. Spectacular and entertaining the show caused a standing ovation in the audience.

Betina Lou




Betina Lou’s new collection of understated elegance and femininity, was at times school-girlish, then classically stylish, simple but sexy. Very much inspired by Wes Anderson aesthetic, and especially his last film, Moonrise Kingdom, with its sweetness and retro grace, the new collection is almost cinematic.





Duy’s new collection featured a mix of flowing gowns and more edgy pieces.

Iris Setlakwe





Iris Setlakwe presented visions of grown-up and confident femininity. Several of her pieces were designed from the same golden-tasseled fabric that featured prominently in Anastasia Lomonova’s collection. When asked to comment on this occurrence, Lomonova stated, “It just goes to show that it’s a small town. We all buy our fabrics from the same suppliers.”


Also published at CULT Montreal.

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