Montréal Fashion Week – Fall 2012, Part 4

Rachel Sin




Architect-turned-fashion designer Rachel Sin struck a balance between delicate and serious in her new collection. Her models were of different shapes and sizes reflecting the real female shape more accurately. The collection was inspired by Mies Van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House from 1951.

Anomal Couture






The closing show of the season was by Anomal Couture, an edgy and avant-garde vision of femininity, also featuring models of all shapes and colours. While the colour scheme of the collection was restricted to white, black, and grey, the variety of designs and cuts was impressive. The last design of the show, and of the season, was a black mermaid-shaped and corseted outfit, featuring the same tasseled fabric that both Anastasia Lomonova and Iris Setlakwe used, but in black. The sombre music choices and the models’ lack of expression underlined the edginess of the collection; the message of this collection was quite obviously: you don’t mess with a woman dressed in Anomal Couture. At the end of the show, the designer Sonia Leclair came out onto the runway accompanied by Montreal’s renowned stylist Mélanie Brisson. Both received a standing ovation from the audience.

This article is also available at CULT Montreal.

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2 Responses to Montréal Fashion Week – Fall 2012, Part 4

  1. saleema says:

    Kat, these photos are stunning. You must have had a front-row seat. And I love these collections. With just a few exceptions, they seem really wearable.

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