Berlin – Detroit – Montréal

Fashion and Architecture

Hans W. Claussen 1946 (photo by Berlin Stadtmuseum Modearchiv)   Detroit, 2013 (photo by Ambassador Magazine)   ARCHITECTURE and FASHION, Pretty in Parkas, Moshe Safdie Habitat 67 (photo by The Globe and Mail)

Marie Saint Pierre, Habitat 67

Cities go through the same ups and downs as people. Whenever we look for meaning in hardship and destruction, we eventually find our selves, and with that, access to our full potential, humanity, and creativity.

Surfaces and Façades

Bullet Holes in Columns at Museum Island Berlin (photo by K.Sark)  Detroit Metropolitan Building (photo by K.Sark)  Canal Lachine (photo by K.Sark)

Berlin bullet holes, Museum Island 2009 (photo by K.Sark) Anybody who has ever felt broken and had to piece themselves back together will identify with a city like Detroit. There is devastation, but there is also so much beauty and creativity, it’s almost hard to believe the contrast. While the process of rebuilding is slow, there is a sense of empowerment that comes after learning to help oneself and others.

Love and Music

Berlin Love Parade (photo by Bilderbuch Berlin)   Supremes in Motown Studio A   Osheaga Montreal 2013 (photo by noticiasmontreal) - Copy

Loveparade 2006 (photo by Berlin Morgenpost)   Montreal Osheaga Festival (photo The Gazette)

Back at the height of its glory, Motown asked, “what becomes of the broken-hearted?” They usually have a choice. Either they use other people and things to distract themselves from their loss and pain, repress it and cover the wounds, and carry on as before. Or they face themselves, broken and vulnerable, learn every lesson, accept all the teachers, find new ways to rebuild themselves, replenish their strength and energy, and grow.

Street Art

Berlin Tacheles, How long is now   Hygenic Dress League in Berlin    Montreal Street Art (photo by Michel Bertrand)

Detroit Rock City (photo by Positive Detroit)    Berlin

Hygenic Dress League Detroit

Cities like Detroit and Berlin have all that knowledge and experience written on their façades. They carry wisdom that younger and more prosperous cities don’t have. They have stories, they have soundtracks, they have cinematic archives, and they have their branding campaigns.

Urban Gardens

Lafayette Urban Garden, Detroit (Photo by Sitephocus)   Urban Garden Neukoelln Berlin, Prinzessinnengarten   Rooftop Garden (photo by Montreal Gazette)

Santropol, Montreal

At their most bankrupt and forgotten times, these cities often attract certain types of people who generate creativity and gradually transform the art, music, fashion, film, and culture scenes. Then the gentrifiers follow in their footsteps and turn the artistic neighbourhoods into trendy hot spots. Berlin and Montréal are in the process of this transformation.


BERLIN BABYLON   Searching For Sugar Man   Memoire des Anges

We are shaped by the cities we live in as much as they are shaped by us. As we live in them, part of them also lives in us, and takes roots, and grounds us, even when we resist it.

City Branding

Be Berlin  Ryan-Gosling-Save-Detroit-Sticker  MTL moments

Berlin love    Save Detroit (photo detroitfunk)

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