Women’s March Victoria 2018 – Photo Essay

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Inspired by the 2017 Women’s March on Washington, all the global solidarity marches in cities around the world, and by the two women who founded Women’s March Canada (Sara Bingham and Michelle Brewer) to promote equality and the advancement of women in Canada (focusing on the guiding principles of  women’s rights and priorities of Health, Economic Security, Representation, and Safety –  H.E.R.S.), I wanted to do more this year, than merely document the march.

This year, I had the pleasure and the honour of co-organizing the Women’s March in Victoria with some truly amazing people, colleagues, students, and activists. My co-organizer Cayla Naumann and I took the lead and organized several teams of volunteers, several fundraisers, and reached out to as many intersectional and local grassroots activist organizations as we possibly could in our brief planning period of two week. Our goal was to make this event more inclusive, diverse, solution-based, and inspiring. I wanted to share some of my reflections and photos here – my view of the event from the back of the stage and from behind the scenes.

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Centennial Square at 9am on Saturday, January 20, 2018 – the calm before the organizational storm.

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Barbara Pollock starts off with a speech on behalf of the Council of Canadians and the Voice of Women.

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Mayor Lisa Helps, our co-organizer ChrŸs Tei and her partner of forty years, Roxana.

IMG_9439 - bl

We were able to fundraise to hire a sign language interpreter.

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Our lovely Elizabeth May, leader of Canada’s Green Party, was kind and gracious enough to help introduce some of the grassroots organizations.

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Megan Pal speaking out for women in science, engineering, and computer science.

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An inspiring and powerful speech by Zainab Bint Younus, who stands up for Muslim women’s rights and representation!

IMG_9449 - bl Sarah Smith from PEERS speaking on behalf of sex worker’s rights and safety.


ChrŸs Tei’s moving speech about transwomen’s rights, safety and organizations finished off the official speeches part of our program.

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Rama DelaRosa and our lead marshal Linaya performing MILCK’s “Quiet” song and moving us all to tears.


Marching down Government St. with Rama DelaRosa and her team.

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IMG_9458 - bl

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Linaya, our lead marshal, keeping everyone in line!

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20180120_125212 - bl

20180120_125619 - bl

Arriving at BC Parliament Building for the closing choir performances.

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IMG_9467 - bl

My supportive friends marched with me and stuck around in the cold!

IMG_9468 - bl

And my supportive colleagues from UVic. Thank you!!

20180120_131048_001 - bl

Part of the organizing dream team on the steps of the Legislature Building after the march (this photo is take by Mikayla Janssen – the rest are mine).

20180120_131835 - bl

IMG_9473 - bl

We have learned from history, and we are making change possible. One step, one march, one event, one course, one book, one fundraiser at a time.

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Thank you to everyone who came out today, everyone who helped, everyone who supported us in our efforts, everyone who believes that together we can make a difference.

Videos filmed and provided by Anna Barges.

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