Kiel Highlights


Cafés Restaurants  

IMG_20190629_221414_844Bakeliet Kaffee – coffee, brunch, fresh juices, and cakes (Möllingstraße 11) They roast their own coffee and bake their own cakes, and press fresh juices. The owners are a Syrian husband and a German wife. Their brunch and lunch menu includes vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, low-carb options. Everything is organic and sustainable. The atmosphere inside is very cozy. In the summer they set up tables on the sidewalk. Open daily 8am – 6pm.

img_20190629_221414_853-e1566854405506.jpgCafé Resonanz – coffee, brunch, fresh juices, and cakes (Mittelstraße 23) Same owners as at Bakeliet, and same great selection of cakes. Famous for their breakfasts inspired by Syrian, Greek, American and Dutch cuisine. Everything is homemade (even the interior decor) and fresh. In the summer they have an outdoor patio and a small cozy garden with many flowers and herbs. Great atmosphere! Try their Milchreiskuchen and Grieskuchen! Open 8am – 8pm.

cake.jpgCafé Dreimaster –  fresh cakes, quiches, and sandwiches (inside the Petruskirche church, Weimarer Str. 3) best cakes in town! Great atmosphere. They have their own apple tree and bake great apple cake! In the summer, they set up tables under the tall trees in the church yard. Try their sandwiches and any of the cakes! Open Fri, Sat. Sun 12pm – 6pm.


Hoi An – best Vietnamese restaurant (Jägersberg 6) Hội An is a coastal city in South-Chinese Sea in central Vietnam. It means calm or peaceful community. They serve fresh, healthy, light cuisine and everything is absolutely delicious. Open daily 12pm – 3pm and 5pm – 11pm.

Café Blattgold – 100% Vegan restaurant (Holtenauer Str. 176) They offer vergan burgers, sandwiches and classics of American cuisine, and well as a large selection of cakes and cupcakes. Open 12pm – 10 pm, closed on Mondays.

NIL – Bistro (Holtenauer Str. 40C) Wellfood-Restaurant, great for breakfast or lunch, and drinks and snacks. They have a large covered patio, great for people-watching. Open daily 9am-12am.

Konditorei Café Schokodeern – Sustainable chocolate café (Holtenauer Str. 106) Open weekdays 10am – 7pm, Saturdays 1-6pm, closed on Sundays.

Schiffercafé – (Tiessenkai 9, Holtenau) Famous for their Fischbrötchen, this cafe serves locals and tourists fresh sandwiches, salads, and snacks since 2007. It was also the backdrop for a few Tatort episodes from November 2003 and October 2008. Open daily 9am-9pm.



Sophienhof Einkaufszentrum – main shopping mall right next to the main train station in the city center (Sophienblatt 20) Open 10am – 8pm, closed on Sundays.

Holstenstrasse Einkaufstrasse – pedestrian shopping street since 1953 in the city center,right behind Sophienhof shopping mall. All shops are closed on Sundays.

Holtenauer Strasse – this neighbourhood shopping street has many small and independent boutiques and shops. All shops are closed on Sundays.

Unverpackt – plastic-free sustainable store (Adelheidstraße 28) Bring your own containers for bulk food and supplies. Open weekdays 10am – 7pm, and 9am-2pm on Saturdays, closed on Sundays.

Wochenmarkt Exerzierplatz – Gourmet Farmers’ Market – great breads, cheeses, meat and fish, fruit, berries, and vegetables from local farmers. Open Wednesdays 8am-1pm and Saturdays 8am-1pm.



Hiroshimapark – lovely park next to the Rathaus (city hall). Since 1986, there is a memorial every year on August 6, commemorating the victims of the atomic bomb destruction of Hiroshima.

Kiellinie Promenade – lovely water-front promenade and biking path that stretches through the whole city.



Seebad Holtenau – oldest bathing house along the Kiel fjord since 1907 (Holtenauer Reede 30) Open daily 2pm-7pm.

Falkensteinerstrand – Kiel’s longest beach along the fjord with white sand dunes is just outside of the city, and you can watch the ferries, ships, and cruise ships entering Kiel from there. Especially impressive during Kieler Woche festival at the end of June, when you can watch a parade of tall ships go by. The water is shallow and clear.

Heidkate Ostsee beach – long beach along the Ostsee, a half hour north of Kiel. Great for kite boarding and wind-sports.



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2 Responses to Kiel Highlights

  1. Uwe Westphal says:

    Lkve reading your Gourmet travel guid. Any chance you come to Berlin, would live to meet you and give new book about Berlin fashion history 1836-1939
    Uwe Westphal

    • Kat Sark says:

      Dear Herr Westphal, I would love to meet you in Berlin! And can’t wait to read the English edition of your book! I will send you an email through your website so we can set up a meeting! And thank you for reading my blog! It means a lot to me!

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