Suites Culturelles for CULT Montreal

UNTTLD (photo by K.Sark)Inside Montreal Fashion Week

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Montreal Fashion Week, Groupe Sensation Mode invited designers to present their runway shows without paying the usual participation or production fees. Over the weekend, more than 20 established and emerging designers unveiled their Spring/Summer 2014 collections.

Fashion Pop – Montreal’s Designers of Tomorrow

Fashion Pop organizers Olivia Whittick and Marilis Cardinal, along with a fleet of volunteers, orchestrated Pop Montreal’s 6th annual runway show to showcase six emerging Montreal fashion designers. This year, competing designers Duc C. Nguyen, Christine Charlebois, Danica Olders, Vicky Dubois, Marie Darsigny and Camille Forcherio each presented six looks to a panel of five jury members, among them Isabelle Campeau (last year’s Fashion Pop winner), Jenna Danchuk (Research Editor at WORN Fashion Journal), Melissa Matos (founder of TRUSST Fashion Gallery) and Le Chateau’s Jeff Dasilva and David Thomson.


M60 – A Montréal Time Capsule

The theme for the fifth annual M60 – Montréal 60 Second Film Festival – was “Faux Pas.” 85 films were submitted this year and screened on three consecutive evenings at Cinéma Excentris last weekend. Since its founding in 2008, the festival has been open to both amateur and professional filmmakers. While both the aesthetic and content quality of the films has greatly improved over the years, each year’s collection of films represents a true Montreal time capsule, featuring social, political, cultural, and aesthetic transformations of the city.


Montreal Fashion Week – Fall 2012: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4

Montreal Fashion Week kicked off with an exhibition and slide show commemorating Marie Saint Pierre’s 25 years of designs.  The designer was present in the audience, along with fellow designers such as Denis Gagnon and Tavan & Mitto.

Anastasia Lomonova

Anastasia Lomonova will be presenting her third collection at the Montréal Fashion Week on Tuesday, September 4th, 2012. Born in Odessa, Ukraine in 1984, she moved to Cyprus with her family for several years before coming to Canada. After training as a visual artist at Ryerson University in Toronto, she moved to Montreal in 2007 began working in the fashion industry, and established her own fashion label in 2011.

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